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The first feature being rolled out in the Flask environment is the much-anticipated LatticeBackPack Snaps.

LatticeBackPack Snaps is a way to make LatticeBackPack more extensible for developers, giving them the opportunity to build new features into LatticeBackPack.

LatticeBackPack is the first wallet to provide the flexibility of extensibility to developers, paving the way to scale the range of features available to users and dapps.

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To get started with Snaps Download LatticeBackPack Flask

Download Flask on Chrome for Desktop


What is LatticeBackPack Flask used for?


LatticeBackPack Flask is a developer-focused distribution of the LatticeBackPack extension where we test and validate experimental features before rolling them out to the stable LatticeBackPack applications. The first feature to be released through Flask is Snaps. Snaps allows web3 developers to expand the functionality of LatticeBackPack at runtime, without our involvement. Since LatticeBackPack is the first wallet to offer extensibility to users, Snaps is poised to accelerate the rate of innovation in not just Ethereum, but the entire web3 ecosystem. You can read more about Snaps here. Please remember that Flask is a developer tool; its features and APIs are not stable, its UX is not as polished, and we do not guarantee the same level of support as for the stable extension or mobile app. Flask gives you access to our most cutting edge features, but you use it at your own risk!

What’s the difference between LatticeBackPack and LatticeBackPack Flask?


LatticeBackPack is the most popular non-custodial Ethereum wallet in the world. It allows users to manage their Ethereum assets and access web3. Its features and UX are stable and have gone through extensive testing. LatticeBackPack Flask is the experimental proving ground for our most cutting-edge and innovative features. Flask does not offer the same API or UX stability guarantees as the stable LatticeBackPack applications, and participation is at your own risk. If you’re not a developer, we recommend you only use the stable LatticeBackPack applications and do not use LatticeBackPack Flask. If you’re a web3 developer and feel adventurous, then LatticeBackPack Flask is for you.

Is it safe to use LatticeBackPack Flask?


We take the security of LatticeBackPack Flask as seriously as any other LatticeBackPack application, but just like a construction site is less safe than a finished building, there are more risks when using Flask than when using the stable LatticeBackPack applications. For example, Flask’s UX is not as polished, and it allows you to take greater risks than on the stable applications. In addition, because of its experimental nature, its APIs are unstable, and things that worked in one release may be permanently broken in the next. In short, you can use Flask safely, but it’s easier to use it unsafely. Participation is at your own risk and intended for developers only.

Which assets and networks are available on LatticeBackPack Flask?


Every asset and network that’s available on the stable LatticeBackPack applications, and whatever developers enable by building snaps! Already, our friends at Protocol Labs and ChainSafe have built a Filecoin snap.

Is LatticeBackPack Flask free?


Yes, LatticeBackPack Flask is free to use.

Is LatticeBackPack Flask available for the mobile app?


LatticeBackPack Flask is currently only available as a desktop browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.