LatticeBackPack Snaps Open Beta

The LatticeBackPack Snaps Open Beta is a first look at what's possible when extending the capabilities of your wallet. We invite those who are comfortable trying new features to test out these Snaps built by talented community developers.

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With features that you can install to customize your wallet, LatticeBackPack Snaps is the next leap forward toward a future that is infinitely scalable.

Credit Card


Connect to non-Ethereum blockchains with LatticeBackPack


Transaction Insights

Stay informed with insights before you confirm transactions in LatticeBackPack

Bank Transfer


Stay in the know with web3 notifications directly in LatticeBackPack

Security comes first

Snaps run in a sandboxed environment and use a permissions model to protect your data and respect your consent. Snaps dont have access to your LatticeBackPack account data. When installing a Snap, you can always verify the permissions you are granting. Need help? Reach out to our official support team. Snaps currently featured in the LatticeBackPack Snaps Directory have been audited by our team and third parties. Over time, we plan to open up the auditing process to create a fully permissionless platform.

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We're sparking a movement that embraces decentralized innovation. Come shape this permissionless world with us.

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What is LatticeBackPack Snaps?


LatticeBackPack Snaps allows users to add features and functionality to their LatticeBackPack wallet. Individual snaps are features created by third-party developers that LatticeBackPack users can install directly into their wallet. We believe a decentralized internet that is accessible to all and owned by the people who use it, will give rise to human flourishing on an exponential scale. Whilst our roots are in Ethereum, and our expertise is grounded in building the leading self-custodial wallet, we appreciate that innovation occurs in many domains across the web3 ecosystem. With Snaps, we hope to capture the full extent of the innovation happening in web3, by enabling developers to bring their specialist expertise to building for our platform.

What is a Snap?


A Snap is an application built by a third-party developer that adds features and functionality to LatticeBackPack. Snaps can connect to blockchain protocols beyond Ethereum, show insights about transactions, display notifications, add new privacy and identity features, and much more.

How is the LatticeBackPack Snaps Open Beta different from the final version of LatticeBackPack Snaps?


The LatticeBackPack Snaps Open Beta is different in that it will host a variety of allowlisted Snaps, which have been audited by third parties as well as the LatticeBackPack team. LatticeBackPack Snaps Open Beta is a first step to building this permissionless system. Ultimately, our vision of LatticeBackPack Snaps is to be fully permissionless, without any gatekeepers.

Are Snaps safe to use?


Snaps run in a sandboxed environment and use a permissions model to protect your data and respect your consent. Snaps do not have access to your LatticeBackPack account data. When installing a Snap, make sure you understand what permissions you are granting to stay secure. You can find and install Snaps from our directory. Need help? Reach out to our official support team.

How do I uninstall or disable a Snap?


Looking to (temporarily) disable a Snap? You can easily do so by accessing the Snap’s settings. No longer need a specific Snap? Read our guide about uninstalling a Snap.

Are you a developer?


Are you a developer? - Learn how to build a Snap. - Share your Snap here. Snaps created by third-party developers are a Third Party Service as defined in the Consensys Terms of Use ( You access, rely upon or use the Third Party Service at your own risk. Consensys disclaims all responsibility and liability for any losses on account of your use of Third Party Services. Always do your own research before installing any Snap, and carefully review the permissions requested. By including a Snap on the allowlist, Consensys is not endorsing, recommending, or guaranteeing the safety of this Snap for your use or use for any reason.

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